Noelle Geldhof

Lead Teacher, Honu Primary Class

Montessori is a philosophy that fundamentally fosters independence and self-motivation while matching the children’s learning and development with teaching materials designed to help children understand concepts through multiple learning modes: doing, seeing, touching, and hearing What could be a better approach to honor the children and best prepare them for a lifetime of learning and initiative?

I have attained a BA in Art with a minor in Biology, BA in Education, Elementary Montessori Certification, and Primary Montessori Certification. I am currently working on my Masters in Education with Chaminade University.

I have taught at Hawai’i Montessori Schools since 1993. In 1993 I came to Hawai’i from Canada to teach at the Kamuela Campus, and in 2002 I began teaching in Honu class at the Kona Campus.

I appreciate the innocence and joy of the children—everything is new and exciting for them every day. I think these formative years are extremely important in brain and personality development.

I enjoy music and am beginning to learn to play the guitar. I also enjoy gardening, which I often do with the children at the school.

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