Veronica Haskell

Mo'o Primary Class

I grew up in Austin, Texas, where I got my BS in Biology. I came to Hawaii 4 years ago to finish my Master’s in Teaching! I was drawn to the Montessori method when I began to learn about the scientific, observation-based approach to aiding development in early childhood. I especially love to see the confidence bloom in children as they take ownership of their work and observe how this inspires them to help others. I have so enjoyed my first year at Hawaii Montessori! I’m learning every day from our curious, energetic group of kids. We’ve had so much fun sharing our love of art and all things growing in nature. Outside of work, I am doing my best to explore all of the Big Island’s beaches and hikes! I especially love surfing, biking, and cooking at home. I look forward to getting to know families better and hope to see y’all around town!